Naratas Akar is a research trip program undertaken by Atap Class in exploring the story of underground Bandung music history. In 2018, the Naratas Akar program was held as the journey of Atap Class team when participating in the 2018 Modern Heavy Metal Conference at the Aalto University School of Economy & Business, Helsinki, Finland; extracting the history of black metal in Oslo, Norway; and exploring the Rainforest Fringe Festival in Kuching, Malaysia. This program is held from 24 June to 11 July 2018 by the writers of Atap Class, Astria Fadhilah Primantari, Dini Nurdiyanti, Hinhin Agung Daryana, and Kimung. This video is the first video of five video series on the Naratas Akar Atap Class team.

This video contains the first three days of Astria, Dini and Hinhin from Indonesia to Helsinki, a very good reception by Mamang Asep Dedi Rusmana, Mamang Riva, and staff of the Indonesian Embassy in Helsinki, their meeting with friends in Helsinki, Izzan, Leroy, Hannah, Oliver, and their first exploration of Helsinki, before preparing the next day for the Modern Heavy Metal Conference. In the end, the attachment of a person’s heart to a place does not only have to intersect with the land of birth and history. The first touch since inhaling the air of a place, is also an important factor in how we can value a place properly in our hearts. Check out the trip video of Naratas’s Eurasian 2018 Atap Class Episode 1!

Footages: Astria Fadhilah, Dini Nurdiyanti, Hinhin Agung Daryana

Edit: Kimung


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